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When we began making industrial brushes some 25 years ago, we believed in some basic ways to best serve our customers. Our special Designs, Quality materials, careful construction and thorough testing are all geared to make every product do every job in the most efficient way for as long and reliably as possible. This adds up to saving your Organization a lot of time and a lot of money.

Moreover we have a forward thinking resulting in  introduction of NEW INNOVATION. Here we tell you how to make the best 'TOOLS' in our trade Advertising, catalogues and special support materials.

The  power Brushes are utilized in Mechanical, Fertilizers, Cold Rolling Mill in the Picking Unit, Cement Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber Industry and Sugar Mills and for Piling etc. These brushes have a proven expertise and dense network of experience in the field of production and marketing.


1) Brushes should be carefully checked. Do not use if rusted or damaged.

2) Brushes should be inspected for rust, oxidation and other damages. Check spindle speed RPM and must not be used if the spindle RPM exceeds MAXIMUM SAFE FREE SPEED (MSFS) for which the brush is rated.

3) Before starting the mounted brushes Jog the same to determine as the same is fastened securely and do not stand or in line with the brush during this time.

4) Avoid excessive brush pressure against the work. This reduces the efficiency of the brush and could cause premature failure during operation.

5) Brushes should be used with best protective method i.e. with safety goggles, or full face shield worn over safety glasses with side shields. Machines where operation is to be done should be equipped with safety guards.

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Partnership Firm registered under Indian Partnership Act 1932

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